Social Impact Real Estate Development

Thorobird Real Estate

Thorobird exists to create integrative solutions for distressed urban communities. Our specific focus is sustainable development solutions for our communities and profitable investment alternatives for our partners. Our three lines of business are development, consulting and investing. Thorobird invests primarily in 11 tristate areas partnering with public private and religious organizations to accomplish their development goals.


We capitalize and manage activities that improve our target communities.


We provide professional advice on real estate investment and development.


We fund sustainable places to live work and play.

Thorobird is founded on the principles of good will, thorough analysis and wise execution. The team at Thorobird, takes pride in thorough feasibility analysis and due diligence in analyzing every opportunity. Beyond the numbers, we work to exercise wisdom in all investment decisions. A societal symbol for wisdom is the owl. Thus spawn the company name “Thorobird”. We make it our business to be thorough and as wise as an owl.

Real Estate Development

Over 1,400 and approximately $500 million affordable housing developed by firm principals. Our broad portfolio of affordable and mixed-income developments demonstrates our continuing ability to create affordable housing opportunities in a diversity of neighborhoods and communities.

Cost Efficiency

Addressing the areas of initial construction cost, building life span, end-user productivity and operating and maintenance costs.

Unique Design

Quality design solutions which yield projects of distinct personality.

Green Building

A holistic life cycle approach to green building, aggressively pursuing green strategies in every stage of the project.

Difficult Sites

An urban infill developer, Thorobird is committed to resolving challenges of difficult development sites.


Developers work with a diverse network of people to get projects done on time and under budget. These people are also stakeholders with specific interests and risk levels.

As a project finance consultant, Thorobird assists other developers by designing and carrying out developments programs that result in equitable allocations of risk among stakeholders.

We assist clients in the delivery of construction projects on time and under budget. Our success is due to our ability to embrace and minimize the effects of external factors. Specifically, we assist with scheduling, cost analysis, change orders, construction claims and staffing.

Thorobird Community Investors (TCI)

TCI invests capital through strategic partnerships with local operators of real estate development and business that create economic and social benefit to underserved urban areas. TCI invests $100K – $10M in high-impact investments.

Thorobird realizes outstanding returns through the design of capital structures that enhance the spread between return on assets (ROA) and finance cost, maximizing return on equity (ROE). This is done through a combination of strategies to increase top-line growth, decrease long-term operating costs and to significantly reduce capital costs. Finally, Thorobird works to design tailored exit strategies to provide for investor liquidity goals.

The TCI is suitable foreign and domestic high-net worth-investors banks and social impact investment funds.

Our Team

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Thomas Campbell
Managing Member

Mark Reed
Director, Chairman

John Bonhomme
Director, Investor Relations

Deborah Widerkehr
Director, Development Finance