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Affordable Luxury

It is clinically proven that chronic stress from adverse neighborhood and family conditions is a cause of an ever-widening achievement gap between low-income families and their higher-income counterparts. These families, more than anyone else are in need of relief. The definition of luxury is “a condition of great ease or comfort.” Thorobird seeks low-cost opportunities to offer luxury to the people that need it the most. A focus on common areas such as rooftops, terraces and lobbies offers the economies of scale that achieve economic feasibility.

When a multifamily building is in a dense urban area surrounded by sparsely available green grass or available land Thorobird feels a sense of duty to activate the only available space available for open space: the rooftop.  The rooftop offers a sense of relief and control and everything simply looks cooler from the rooftop, no matter the geography and demography.  Grand 3 rooftop offers elevator access, outdoor sofa furniture and solar panels to create a sense of relaxation and social progress.

The Grand's affordable luxury, rooftop, thorobird nyc

Terrace amenities are an excellent utilization of valuable and otherwise dead setback space in low-income multifamily buildings. In every instance possible the Grand activates these spaces for the benefit of building tenants by creating private terraces. Unlike any other building in the neighborhood, Grand building tenants will be seen from luxury-style building terraces celebrating their space and community.

In a Brooklyn neighborhood where health outcomes are among New York City’s worst as a result of low community food quality, 1921 Atlantic sought to meet the problem head-on. In addition to the provision of a ground floor fresh supermarket, the second-floor terrace has a hydroponic food growth systems to be operated by a local farming, education and design company. The onsite farming operation will produce “farm to table” fresh food that will be offered in the grocery store for building tenants and the broader community.

1921 Atlantic's affordable luxury, terrace , thorobird nyc

Building design is essential in helping promote daily physical activity based. Promoting pedestrian activity, exercise, and stair use contribute to healthier lifestyles and even reduce energy use in buildings. In the 1921 main lobby, natural light is maximized using floor to ceiling glass doors and windows. Placing the open and inviting stairwell near the elevators makes it convenient for everyday use and with point-of-decision signage it will encourage residents to take the stairs. Bright inviting colors and noncombustible art work is used. Upon entering the apartment building residential entry, the lobby has a large attractive stair that leads to a second floor recreation space with adjacent terrace.

The Atlantic's affordable luxury, lobby, thorobird nyc