Pro Bono Work

Thorobird leadership believes that the divinity involved in community redevelopment often requires work for which there are no financial returns. The Convent Avenue Baptist Church elevator extension project is an example:

In this situation, Convent Avenue Baptist, a Harlem community staple with a solid plan to add an elevator building extension to its beautiful Hamilton Heights historic church building to address accessibly needs for its senior and disabled members. Having started in 2013 and in the last trimester of physical construction, the project had been stalled for two years and begun litigation against its contractor due to organizational issues. Convent came to Thorobird in need of team-building, project and construction management expertise.

Thorobird conducted a thorough stakeholder analysis, interviewing all parties involved. Thorobird then made personnel recommendations to the Church committee, achieved consensus and executed on those recommendations, replacing ineffective elements with productive ones. Thorobird even convinced a reputable architect to partner in its pro bono efforts to help the Church. The church now has a functional team and expects to complete the elevator construction in the first quarter of 2018.